Jayne Wallace

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Dr Jayne Wallace is Reader in Craft Futures at Northumbria University, UK. Her work spans digital craft, interaction design and Human-Computer Interaction, focusing on co-creative design practice and the development of physical-digital devices that have social and personal meaning to support wellbeing and sense of self. The ways in which our bodies and the objects that we associate with them (such as jewellery) represent different things about who we are and our relationships with other people have long been a fascination and she makes digital jewellery to explore how we can make things that are personal, beautiful and digitally enabled to give us new ways to understand ourselves and others. In recent years a key focus has been sense of self in dementia and she has worked closely with people who are living with dementia as well as specialist adult mental health units in the National Health Service, UK. She is co-founder (with Joyce Yee) of Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design conference – an experimental, discursive conference format physically foregrounding the artefacts stemming from design research.